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Learn the Kitchen Countertop Trends for 2022

Posted on: February 21, 2022
The kitchen is the heart of nearly every home. It's where our family gathers for meals, celebrations, and holiday cheer. Although it can be a place of welcome, warmth, and pleasure, it should also be functional. If you're considering purchasing new appliances or renovating your kitchen to make it feel more modern, then an excellent way to do that is by changing up your countertops. Here are some of the latest trends in kitchen countertop materials that are expected to take off in 2022.

The Kitchen Countertop Trends for 2022

The most popular countertop materials in the United States are stone, quartz, wood, and laminate. However, there are many other options available that homeowners can consider when redoing their kitchen spaces.


One of the countertop trends that is expected to take off in 2022 for kitchens is quartz. Quartz has many benefits over other traditional materials, including its natural beauty and durability.

Quartz can be made into any number of colors, making it excellent for matching almost any style or design preference. It is also not susceptible to scratches or stains like other common countertop materials are. Additionally, quartz does not need sealing to maintain its sheen, making it extremely low-maintenance compared to laminate counters. These stunning countertops are elegant and come in a variety of colors.


Another trend that is expected to take place in 2022 for kitchens is using wood to create beautiful countertops. It's easy to craft the wood into stunning shapes and designs, which makes it ideal for homeowners looking to make their kitchens look more distinct and personal. Wood counters are eco-friendly because they can be made from recycled goods like factory byproducts, excess stock, or reclaimed lumber. Homeowners also do not need to use varnishes or sealers on these trendy countertops; instead, all that is required is a light dusting with a dry cloth once every few days.


Although many homeowners choose other countertop materials like quartz or granite since they require less maintenance than laminate does (and last longer), the countertop trend of using laminate materials is still prevalent. Laminate countertops are sturdy, easy to clean, and low-maintenance.


Marble has long been a favorite among homeowners and interior designers due to its timeless beauty and durability. Although it's not the most popular choice in the United States (it ranks fifth behind quartz), it is still used quite often due to its elegant appearance that adds an upscale feel to any kitchen space. Marble countertops also come in a variety of styles and colors (even transparent) that can match many preferences and design schemes.


Tiles of all shapes, sizes, designs, and colors have been used for decades as backsplash accents or headliners in bathrooms and kitchens. Trends in kitchen countertop materials that are expected to take off in 2022 for kitchens include making kitchen tiles even bigger by utilizing them on the front of counters or walls. Tiles can be used as a focal point for any room, and they come in a variety of styles ranging from modern to rustic, allowing homeowners to choose a look that is perfect for their home's design scheme.

Tile can also be made from recycled goods, making it an eco-friendly choice when trying to decide about new countertops for your kitchen space.


Concrete has long been used for sidewalks, roads, and driveways, but now homeowners are putting it to good use by using it for countertops. Concrete is extremely durable; in fact, concrete is stronger than steel! It can last up to four times longer than natural stone because it's less prone to scratching or staining.

Concrete also comes in a variety of colors that allow homeowners to create unique designs with the material. Although concrete requires some work during installation (you need to seal the surface after pouring), once it cures, it does not require any special care as other countertop materials do.

Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

Kitchens are getting a major makeover in 2022! The kitchen countertop trends for 2022 include using eco-friendly materials like recycled goods to create tile countertops, concrete for more durable surfaces, and many homeowners are opting for quartz materials since they're extremely low-maintenance. Wood is also becoming popular again due to its ability to be crafted into any shape or design that works aesthetically with your kitchen space.

Homeowners may opt for bold colors or a unique look by using a material like glass, which is designed to create a dazzling effect when the sun shines through it.

The most important part of your kitchen's design is where you spend most of your time – the countertops! Although trends will change as time goes on, remember to choose something you'll love now and for many years to come! Get creative and crafty by personalizing your space with a new design or material that best fits the feel of your kitchen.

In 2002, homeowners were all about dark, dramatic colors, from deep reds to even black walls. In 2012 they loved having clean lines throughout their home with monochromatic color schemes and lots of white space. In 2022 for kitchen design trends, jewel tones and metallics are going to take center stage as well as marble and wood materials.

Kitchen Countertop Replacement Project

Kitchen countertops can be found in various materials like wood, tile, and other porous surfaces that require more care than other types of countertop materials. However, there is nothing as popular as the kitchen countertop trends like quartz which requires less care because it's non-porous and low-maintenance.

There are several different factors that affect the cost of installing new kitchen counters. The number one thing that affects how much your project will cost is the material you choose. If you choose something extremely expensive like stone or metal, then expect to pay a pretty penny to get it installed – even if you're doing the work yourself.

On the flip side, if you choose something like tile or wood (very inexpensive materials), then expect the cost of installation to be lower. Wood is an especially popular material right now because it is easy to work with and comes in multiple finishes, shapes, and styles, including traditional or more modern looks.

If your kitchen countertops are in poor condition, you will most likely need to replace them entirely. If this is the case, expect your project's costs to go up due to labor expenses.

There you have it – the kitchen countertop trends for 2022. Choose a style that is perfect for you and yours! Remember, homeowners can use these trends or create their own unique style with a material they love feeling comfortable around every day.
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