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Top 10 Benefits of Granite Countertops

Posted on: March 2, 2022
Renovating your kitchen with granite countertops is sure to enhance the beauty of your space! Granite is also an excellent choice for durability and will protect your kitchen for years to come. This article will cover all the specifics of granite as a material and give you the major benefits of investing in granite countertops.

What Exactly is Granite?

Granite is a type of rock that has many different varieties, but all types are made up of the minerals quartz and feldspar. The difference in granite comes from its inclusion of additional minerals. You can expect to find other minerals mixed in with the quartz and feldspar at different levels, depending on what type of granite you are working with. The mixture of minerals gives each type of granite its own unique look. Granite is the hardest natural material to be found on earth. It has a rating between 6-7 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means that it will take years before your kitchen counters show any signs of wear, or if they do begin to show signs, there is no need for concern as your countertops can easily be refinished to their original appearance.

The Top Ten Benefits of Granite Countertops

Granite is extremely durable and strong, so it requires low maintenance over time to maintain its original condition. The material will not stain over time, and it is resistant to damage from the elements such as heat, moisture, and cold. You can be sure that your countertops will keep their natural beauty for years to come with proper installation and care.

1) Granite is a nonporous material

that greatly reduces bacteria growths on the surface of your counters due to their extreme smoothness and lack of imperfections where dirt can accumulate. This prevents bacteria or other germs from entering porous surfaces and warping the wood underneath.

2) Granite Countertops are Resistant to Scratches

Scratching is usually a problem for those who love cooking because pans can easily scratch into or leave lasting marks on the surface. The smooth texture of granite counters makes them nearly impossible to scratch, so there is no need to worry about food being scraped away by pan bottoms.

3) Granite is Hypoallergenic

Granite does not contain any glues or adhesives in its makeup, so it won't off-gas nasty fumes or chemicals into your kitchen space. This also means that you can feel safe eating on granite without worrying about harmful toxins entering your bloodstream. It has been shown that many common allergens don't stick to nonporous surfaces like glass and granite countertops, which will benefit anyone suffering from allergies or asthma.

4) Stain Resistant

As previously stated, all types of granites are nonporous. This means that it is much easier to clean spills on granite than other surfaces like wood or carpeting. The lack of gaps, pores, and crevices in the stone make it much simpler to remove any substance from your counters with warm water and dish soap.

5) Granite is Heat Resistant

Granite's natural density makes it heat resistant up to temperatures between 1200° F (648° C) and 1800° F (982° C). Electric stoves are usually the cause of most scratches in kitchen counters because they reach such high levels of heat when in use. Having a countertop that can resist them greatly extends their life span.

6) Customizable

Granite comes in many different colors and patterns, so you are able to choose what type of stonework is best suited for your kitchen. You can also have the stone cut into any size countertop, backsplashes, or other wall features that will fit your design needs.

7) Added Value to Your Home

Granite countertops bestow an elegant and luxurious look to any kitchen because of their polished, shiny surface. The high demand for granite also means that it usually comes with a higher price tag than other types of kitchen countertop materials such as laminate or tile. This can add value to your home if you ever wish to sell it in the future if you should move.

8) Natural Appearance

Granite countertops give your kitchen a natural and earthy appearance because of their deep browns and rich grays. You can experience this feeling while cooking in the comfort of your own home, which is always an added bonus for those who want to escape from the stresses of life.

9) Colors Won't Fade

Another great benefit to granite countertops is that they won't fade or lose their color over time due to exposure to UV rays or heat. The dense composition makes it nearly impossible to alter the original hue, whether it be black, brown, gray, green, or any color. This means that your counters will look new, even years after installation. This is true even if you put them through harsh conditions regularly.

10) Professionally Installed Granite Countertops

Finally, one of the most important benefits of purchasing granite countertops is that they are installed by professionals. This means that you won't have to struggle with complicated measurements or tools to install your own counters at home. You'll also need a professional to take care of any major problems like chipped edges, and this ensures that your granite will be in perfect condition after installation.

Is Granite Right for your Space?

Granite countertops are a great choice for any kitchen, especially if you want to avoid the standard laminate or tile counters that virtually every home has. If you're still not sold on granite and would like to look at other options before making your final decision, call our team, and we'll be happy to help with your design process. We've been in business for many years and have the experience to ensure your satisfaction with your choice. Be sure to contact us today if you have any questions or are interested in purchasing granite countertops for your kitchen renovation.
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